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Ruth Greaves

Ruth Greaves

Governor's Personal Statement

Demand for Mental Health Services is on the increase, particularly for Youngsters, and the Elderly. Yet we find ourselves in times of austerity where services are financially stretched. It is the Governors? job to watch over the Trust and ensure that the Trust provides the services that the Community needs. To assist in the pressure on finances, Health and Social Care services nationally are being asked to work together to prevent duplication of work and to provide patients with smooth transitions between service providers. I support this move because it can provide better patient care as well as a financial benefits, but governors need to be watchful to make sure that any changes to service provision will not damage patient care. Locally, our Trust is considering merging with DCHS. Again I support this move, because the combined Trust will remove the red—tape and delays when patients are referred—on to another specialist. It will help employees to work together efficiently and share skills amongst the workforce. However, Mental Healthcare is currently underfunded and overstretched. As a governor, I will fight to ensure that Mental Health services are monitored separately and the finances are kept separate so that we can guarantee that our patients are receiving the care that they need. As a governor for the last three years, I understand how DHcFT works. I believe that I am an effective voice for the community. I would love to continue to help shape a better service for our patients.

Mrs Ruth Greaves


Derbyshire Dales

Email: governors@derbyshcft.nhs.uk

Election Period:  Feb 2017—Jan 2020